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Mabel bouncing around being quite frankly silly as hell
Background information
Birth nameMabel
Born (2004-07-30) July 30, 2004 (age 17)
TriviaType 1 Diabetic, Deuteranopia colourblindness, ADHD
AliasesYupmabel, Admin 2
Species exterminated817

Hi this is Mabel and i took over wikipedia :D


hi im 17

she/her pls (i'd prefer no they/them) but its ok if you forget i dont care too much

i dont really like using microlabels so i just go with asexual + lesbian/

i have adhd and im really sorry if im annoying or lazy or unresponsive, its really hard for my to think fast or concentrate. sry ^_^ also i know im not very funny but my brain is evil and it's very hard to articulate my thoughts. i promise i'm kind of trying to be funny

pls pls let me know if i say or do anything annoying or upsetting, i wont be offended at all

if you knew me from 2018-2020 no you didn't


The biden of isaac

Personal life[edit]